At Least a Dozen Ways You May Not Have Thought of to Make Your Home Environment Radiate with Peace

  1. Burn unscented candles with prayer intentions embedded into them.
  2. Keep everything in order. Get organized. Chaos creates more chaos. Clean and straighten as you go.
  3. Keep your decor simple and refined.
  4. Cover your television screen with a beautiful tapestry when it is not in use.
  5. Keep your home aired out by opening doors and windows periodically.
  6. One simple fresh flower or a plant will impeccably enchant the room.
  7. Light a Himalayan salt lamp in each room. It purifies and deionizes the air. Explore Evolution Salt.
  8. Keep your home accessories and supplies vegan and fair-trade friendly. They carry a vibration of non-aggression.
  9. Watch and feel how energies feel in your home and shift furniture until it feels better.
  10. Make your home decor meaningful to you. Your home reflects who you are.
  11. By all means, post a picture or a statue of peace hero in your home such as the Buddha, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, or Kwan Yin. You will be surprised at how it makes the room feel.
  12. Have a set of tingshas, a bell or crystal bowl nearby and gently clang periodically to clear the energies of the room.
  13. Never hesitate to do yoga in your living or bedroom. The energies you generate will uplift the room.
  14. Play a continuous "OM" soundtrack in the background. The best one we've found is Eternal Om by Dick Sutphen. Or play chanting Buddhist monks. Their guttural chanting is amazingly comforting.