18 Assists If You've Got Stored Emotional Pain


Emotions stem from the body’s experiences and its mental interpretation of those experiences. Because of this, emotions are closely related to our bodies. They are actually an extension of our bodies.

All emotions, pain in particular, are recorded at the cellular level. There is also evidence that mental pain and anguish have an impact on the body as if they were physical bodily injuries. This helps to explain why many massage therapists have experienced involuntary emotional reactions from their clients like unexplainable cries, shrieks, or tears. These happen when there is a release of a painful event which has been stored in the physical body as a physical and/or energetic blockage.

It's a good thing to get these blocks of energy released otherwise they might cause a physical illness down the road. Think about it: When energy is blocked from flowing in the body, how can that be good? It causes pain, dysfunction and illness.

Make it a habit, within the constraints of your budget, to see a holistic healthcare giver on a regular basis. If they are truly holistic, they will take your ability to pay into account and create a sliding scale for you. This is the meaning of holistic–taking all aspects of a person into account when treating, including the means to pay for services. Bring it up to your therapist if this is the case for you.

Here's a partial list of types of holistic practitioners* you might want to look into for yourself:

  1. Massage therapist, of course, but preferably one with knowledge of balancing chakras
  2. Doctor of Oriental Medicine or Acupuncturist
  3. Energy medicine practitioner
  4. Ayurvedic pratitioner
  5. Reiki practitioner
  6. Biofeedback
  7. Chromatherapy specialist
  8. Guided imagery practitioner
  9. Therapeutic touch therapist
  10. Doctor of Homeopathy
  11. Thai yoga teacher/practitioner
  12. Bach flower remedy specialist
  13. Rolfer
  14. Pranic healing specialist
  15. Rebirthing expert
  16. Sound therapist
  17. Myofascial/trigger point therapist
  18. Chakra balancing expert

*Some of these healthcare givers may require licenses to practice. Be sure to verify before accepting treatment.