6 Powerful Tips for Aura Hygiene


Sometimes the challenges of life deplete our #auras and our system of energy centers known as #chakras. Often, we can clear or balance them ourselves but sometimes we may be so energetically depleted we just can't do it effectively on our own. In those cases, it's important to find a well reputed body/energy worker to go to for help. The sessions are painless, relaxing, restorative and energizing! Here are just six powerful tips for clearing your #auric field, however there are many more.

  1. Bang a gong, crystal bowl, or Tibetan bowl softly around you.
  2. Bang a drum gently all around your body.
  3. Smudge the energetic field that vibrates around your physical with the smoke from sage.
  4. Ring a bell all around your auric field.
  5. Whisk a bird's feather (which you have come about naturally by finding one discarded on the ground) through your energy field taking care to shake it off periodically with a sharp downward motion.
  6. With your own voice, make tones which intuitively come to you into your auric field.

Photo by Elena Ray at ElenaRay.com